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OSTA, a technology and management consulting firm, offers expert witness services in legal disputes, court battles and arbitrations that involve the use and/or development of computer software. We have written "expert" reports, given depositions, and testified at arbitration hearings as well as at court trials.

Services Offered

Dr. Heinz Lycklama , the principal computer consultant in OSTA, offers the following expert witness services:

We maintain computers on site running (or capable of running) various flavors of the UNIX operating system, Windows NT and Windows 95. The Microsoft Office suite and the Microsoft BackOffice suite are run on Windows 95 and Windows NT, respectively. Customer computer hardware and software is used when required by a case.

Areas of Expertise

With 30+ years of experience in software research and development, Dr. Heinz Lycklama has developed expertise in the following software areas:

Expert Witness Projects

Some of the cases in which Dr. Heinz Lycklama served as an expert witness include the following:

Brief descriptions of other projects performed by OSTA can be found in OSTA Projects . References are available upon request.

Contact Information:

Dr. Heinz Lycklama
Open Systems Technology Associates
17818 Oxford Dr.
Arlington, WA 98223

Ph./FAX: 360-403-7445/6
Cell: 425-501-5075
email: heinz@osta.com

URL: http://www.HeinzLycklama.com

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